March 19, 2017

By Alex Heimburger

On February 1 the gymnasium at the former Blanshard Elementary School opened its doors to the community as “The Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym”. Under new management, through the Quadra Village Community Centre (QVCC), the gymnasium is now widely available for community use.

Since the closure of Blanshard Elementary in 2003, the property at 950 Kings Road has been occupied by private educational institutions, and the gym was never a primary focus of interest. The QVCC is committed to using this space to provide residents with affordable opportunities for recreation in a way that meets the neighbourhood’s unique cultural demographics and needs. Due to the efforts of an active and engaged community in the Hillside-Quadra area, this is now becoming a reality.

Inclusion, community engagement and neighbourhood wellbeing

Over the next four years, the QVCC is determined to energize the gym with an expanded menu of activities, including cultural clubs and events, fitness classes, kindergym sessions, subsidized child and youth programs, special events, and many other programs. Our main goals are inclusion, community engagement, and the increased wellbeing of people in the neighbourhood. The Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym belongs to the neighbourhood. QVCC aspires to provide something for everyone with the gym-based programming.

The Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym is a multi-use venue with approximately 6,300 sq. feet of floor and stage space to work with. A number of groups are already regularly providing programming in the gym. Maybe you’d be interested in being involved in one of these:

  • Zumba classes – Studio VZF
  • Kung Fu classes – Sheung Wong Kung Fu Club
  • Jazzercise classes – Vicki Waters Jazzercise
  • Chinese cultural dance – Chinese Dance Victoria
  • Sunday community dinners – Living Edge Church
  • Youth recreation nights – Quadra Village Community Centre

Ideas for new programming?

Do you have an existing group or program – or an idea for one – that fits our vision? The gym is available for both one-time and recurring rentals. Tables and chairs are available to all those renting the space for an event, and, for long-term rentals, there is a secure storage space. The gym is also equipped with speakers and stage lighting. Let us know if you feel strongly about a neighbourhood need for programming. QVCC would love to work with you on your idea in support of our community.

For more information on how to rent the gym and the current rental rates or to find out more about the programs already running, contact Alex Heimburger, Recreation Coordinator at the Quadra Village Community Centre.

Phone: 250-388-7696    E-mail:

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