By Alex Heimburger

Congratulations to Felicia, winner of our $50.00 gift card to SportChek!

During this year’s Quadra Village Day, Felicia (and many others) participated in our raffle by submitting their great ideas for the programs and activities that they’d like to see at the Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym (located at 950 Kings Rd). Currently, the gym (which is run by the Quadra Village Community Centre) hosts a Kung Fu club, breakdancing lessons, a community kindergym, fitness classes, youth recreation nights, and Sunday community dinners.

Our goal is to get more people in the community involved in recreational and social activities at the gym. By providing a variety of different programs and events, we aim to make the gym a fun and inclusive space for everyone. Here are a few of the most popular ideas that came out of QVCC’s raffle:

  • Floor Hockey
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Yoga (Look for yoga-inspired “Art of Breathing” classes, starting this fall!)
  • Dodgeball

Are you passionate about these or any other sports, activities, or social events? If you, or someone you know, would be interested in helping us organize and/or facilitate a program at the gym, please get in touch so that we can make it happen!

If you are interested in using the gym space for your own program, or have a special event coming up, we offer gym rentals, Monday to Sunday, at the following rates:

Non-Profit Groups and Community Members:

  • First hour – $30
  • Second hour – $25
  • 6 hours – $100
  • Full day – $150


  • First hour- $40
  • Second hour – $35
  • 6 hours – $140
  • Full day – $210

For more information about the Quadra Village Neighbourood Gym, or how to get involved, contact Alex Heimburger at 250-388-7696 (Ext. 229), or e-mail

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